Saturday, October 10, 2009

So here we go...

I sat thinking about what my first blog should be about. I wrote a few lines and erased them, because I don't think it represented me or what I really want to say. I found myself wording my phrases as if I was writing a uni assignment, as that is really the only writing I've done. Well, aside from 'Dear Diary' writing as a teen, which I'm sure would now be very entertaining reading.

So for my first blog I would like to introduce something very close to my heart...

The Shenton Park Dog Refuge

I am a volunteer at the refuge. I walk the dogs, give them treats and lots of cuddles. I teach them good manners and housebound skills so they can be rehomed.
The Shenton Park Dog Refuge is a non profit organisation that relies on donations from businesses and the public to continue operating.
They rescue abused and abandoned dogs, or dogs that can no longer be looked after by their owners. The refuge can house up to 100 dogs at any one time.
The Refuge does NOT terminate any healthy dogs. They will only terminate if a dog is very ill and it is the only option to prevent their suffering.

I have my favourites (I know I shouldn't), and love seeing their drooly faces every week.
I call them my 'babies' and know most of them by name.
I encourage EVERYONE to consider adopting a refuge dog if they are looking for a furry four legged friend.
So if you are in Perth and are considering buying a pooch, go give these guys a visit.

Tui - one of my favourites!

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